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William Berton is an acupuncturist and an osteopath, and he has been exploring the universe of colors for some twenty years.

After having studied the effects of colors upon behavior, he makes us discover how colors can be chosen as far as clothes, house decoration, business and management are concerned, so that performance and well-being be magnified.

His research has led him to write four books about colors (three of which are bestsellers) that tell of the influence of colors and how one’s potential can be developed.

Each of the 45 colors concerns a center of interest, a way of behaving and thus a customer profile, a style in clothing, a way of housing and a particular talent. William Berton’s knowledge springs out from his own experience of colors. He is a totally autodidact searcher.

He proposes to give advice on colors for you to draw the best from your premises, to find out the colors which best represent your branch of industry, your products and your services, to put forward your skills by being able to appeal to the appropriate customers, to transform your premises into a place which is attractive and representative of yourself…

For a start, you can try the free color-card drawing TEST (upper right-hand corner of the page) to discover what colors have to say about your daily life.

The alphabet is composed of 90 colors and–both with imagery and precision–it mirrors life as we experience it, day by day.

COURSES (only in French)
They aim at experimenting with the action of colors liable to be in your house, your shop, your company or to be worn and which enable you to be in good shape.

It is aimed at learning to give advice on putting into practice the colors that best fit a house, a shop, a company, clothing and well-being.

COULEUR ENERGIE ” COMPANY (only in French or with a translator)
William Berton proposes to advise you personally in order to increase your efficiency, develop customer loyalty or energize your staff.

ADVICE ON COLORS (only in French or with a translator)
From the United Kingdom: please call 010 33 44 466 222 709 for an appointment.
From the United States: please call 011 33 44 466 222 709 for an appointment.

Les Couleurs Racontent, Colorscope Editions (Spanish version available).

Enjoy the adventure!







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